Where is your “Ugly Betty”?

3 Aug

When the Korean all-girls group, ‘Wonder Girls’, debuted in the US market, Chinese netizens started an online debate of when it was ‘their turn’ where the US would embrace such a creation coming from China. Oddly enough, those arguments eventually evolved in how to group together an all-girls group of Chinese ‘hotties’ and make their own similar business model in the US – but that’s for another conversation at another time. It dawned on me while reading this big online hoopla – the Chinese youth really have really evolved from the days of the old school business mantra ‘made in China’. No longer are they content that 80% of iPhones and Xbox 360s are manufactured in China. Now they want to see China as the epicenter of the world and especially so in the creative industry. Unfortunately, all those thoughts came to a screeching halt after the premier of ‘Avatar’ (which lifted China box office by 86% last year) when even they knew China could ever create or replicate the quality and output of the movie.

Still, this whole thought of creative epicenter CAN be changed in a different direction… in the form of media formats.

What are Formats

Simply put, formats are copyright protected programming ideas / templates versus that of a finished product. Read more…

Ugly Betty translates to all countries


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