Tips and Tricks for New Americans living in Beijing, Pt. II

20 Apr

Most importantly, begin actively learning the Mandarin language. It will make your life much easier here.
It should go without saying, but be friendly to your neighbors! Beijing is a big city founded on small neighborhoods and circles. Be prepared to people repeatedly who share a similar schedule to you.
You’re a foreigner, and people will stare at you. Be gracious about it, and smile back. Don’t be rude, and don’t feel outcasted. Enjoy the novelty of being different.
Bring your own pillow that suits your comfort level, like a soft down pillow. Unless, of course, you like cold, hard pillows. Also, get used to mattresses much firmer than whats typical in the U.S.
Bring your own boxers/briefs underwear and denim jeans! The rest of clothing is very cheap in China, and you won’t have any issue with that
Tooth paste, cosmetics, toothbrush, shaving supplies, body-wash, moisturizer, etc. are different here than the U.S. If you wish to have the comforts of home, bring your own!
Pollution is unavoidable, especially in Beijing. Don’t let the pollution bring you down. You WILL get an upset stomach and headaches as your body acclimates to new conditions, it’s almost unavoidable. Bring good cough and cold medicine.
The Winter season can be harsh. It is cold, smoggy, and very dry. Many people carry a portable moisturiser lotion to avoid painfully dry skin. Moisturizers from Chinese brands can be hit or miss, and many buy imported brands from other countries.


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