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Wang Jianlin! Congratulations on your $14.2 billion win! China’s runner up is the third biggest beverage maker in the country and the founder of Hangzhou Wahaha Group. Congrats to you too. You’re participation trophy is in the mail.


So, who is Wang Jianlin? For starters, he’s the chairman of Dalian Wanda Group, China’s largest commercial property developer. He’s also got his hands on several entertainment subsidiaries, which include currently underway theater building in China. Last year, Wang bought North America’s AMC Entertainment. Combining that acquisition with his other entertainment subsidiaries, Wang owns over 500 cinemas that contain 6,000 screens. If you were wondering how to get ahead in China, there’s your answer.


Of course, like most extremely wealthy people in the world, Wang Jianlin wasn’t always a success. He was born into a military family and joined them in the fight against Japan when he was a teenager. After being honorably discharged in the 90s, he began work in a real estate developer, which he eventually took over. The company was renamed Dalian Wanda and they’ve been expanding ever since. Expanding where? With one of America’s cinema chains in the bag, Wang now has his sights set on Europe.