Without further ado, here is my third and final list of tips and tricks for people emigrating from the USA to Beijing. I hope it was of great help, and your travels are seamless.


- When commuting via Subway, avoid LINE 1 during rush hour, unless you wish to be packed like a can of sardines
- Rent, Internet, Cable, etc. bills are not paid in monthly installments in China. They are most commonly paid for three months at a time in advance, which can be a nasty surprise if you planned your finances on the monthly billing system popular in the U.S.
- Learn how to pronounce some popular Chinese dishes so you know what you’re ordering. Americanized Chinese food and Authentic Chinese food are worlds apart. Being familiar with a handful of – Chinese cuisine dishes will make eating much less stressful.
- If you are a regular coffee drinker, import it yourself. Premium coffee is not popular in China the way it is in the western world, and may be hard to find.
- If you’re a regular smoker, welcome to heaven. If you aren’t, prepare to constantly second-hand smoke. Smoking is legal almost everywhere here, including bars, restaurants, gyms, hotels, elevators, etc.
- If you miss your peers in the U.S., invest in a proper VPN Client to log into Facebook.
- Pollution masks with an authentic HEPA filter are invaluable, but a major hassle to travel with. The medical filter masks you see most people wearing are mostly ineffective.