J-C-jackie-chan-18739733-1280-960While the world famous kung fu star is busy filming The Expendables 3 (unless he got replaced too) with Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis Harrison Ford, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan is entertaining a dream to build his own theme park in Beijing. Not just any theme park, mind you, but one that one in which he is the main attraction. The proposed name for the future park is “JC World.”


Guess what the “JC” stands for. No really, guess. Are you guessing?


Anyway, it’s unclear at this point when construction will begin and what sort of attractions it will have. I know what you’re about to ask, because it’s a burning question in my mind as well: Will there be rides? As of now, however, it’s too soon to tell if this amusement will feature any actual “amusement.” So, if not rides, what will be featured in JC World? As far as anybody knows at this point, there will be a lot of Jackie Chan’s Rush-Hour-1-posterpersonal belongings. Whatever piece of antique furniture, jewelry, or other alluring artifact the actor has collected over the course of his four-decade spanning career will be on display like a giant Jackie Chan museum.


If you’re worried about how much coin you’ll have to drop in order to gain entrance to JC World, please relax. Admission will definitely be free, although there will be some aspects of the theme park that will charge for tickets. Basically, you can check out Jackie Chan’s suit from The Spy Next Door for free, but Rush Hour: The 4D Experience will cost you some dough. I don’t know for a fact that there will be a Rush Hour: The 4D Experience, but if anyone is interested I have a script, theater blueprints, and a crate of 3D glasses that aren’t going anywhere. Anyone?