iron man 3 bannerWith the Iron Man films over – Unless you count the two upcoming Avengers sequels, potential guest appearances on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.ELD., and rumors of a fourth Iron Man film – it seems like there’s nothing left for Tony Stark to do but retire his expensive superpowers. Except, wait, that’ll never happen! Given how successful the Iron Man character has been in the superhero movie world, it’s hardly likely that he’ll hang up his gold/titanium alloy tights for good.


That is, not as long as Disney’s holding the reins to the Marvel film franchise. And before you think they’re milking it a bit too much, count how many Pirates of the Caribbean films they’ve made/are making and get back to me. I’ll wait . . .


For everyone in the States eager to see their favorite metallic hero in person, prepare to either be disappointed or afford airfare to China. Hong Kong Disneyland is laying the IronManFan012213groundwork for what they’re calling the “Iron Man Experience” where Tony Stark will suit up against alien invaders in his own themed area of the park made to look like the streets of Hong Kong. That’s right, Iron Man gets his own land in Hong Kong Disneyland. If you think that’s a bit much for one character in the Marvel universe, just remember how successful Iron Man 3 was in China. If you’re having trouble remembering, it’s over $160 million.


Iron Man will arrive in Hong Kong Disneyland in 2016, which means you only have three years to preorder your tickets.