HTS0080_v001.1052_R.JPG Remember that insanely profitable third chapter of the insanely popular film franchise based off of the insanely popular comic book hero? Of course you don’t do. The last installment of the Iron Man trilogy, Iron Man 3, has been doing a victory lap around the globe, raking in ticket sales from the good people of Earth who either waited until the last minute to see it or had to wait until it opened in their country. The Metal Man, as Thor calls him, made his most recent victory in Hong Kong, where he raked in $13.6 million in its two month run. It is currently sitting pretty at the highest grossing film in Hong Kong for the first half of 2013.


In addition to Iron Man 3’s victory, World War Z takes second place on Hong Kong’s greatest hits list of ’13. It’s only been in theaters for two weeks, but the zombie-infused thriller has pulled roughly $4 million from Hong Kong’s box office. However, it’s still running in theaters, so it may have the opportunity to snatch the number 1 spot from Iron Man 3. Sitting at number 3 is A Good Day to Die Hard, Bruce Willis’ latest (last?) installment in the long running Die Hard saga, which received $3.7 million form Hong Kong moviegoers. For those of you who were wondering who would win in a fight between Iron Man and John McClane, there’s your answer.20130320174420625


Way down at number 4 is Journey to the West, Stephen Chow’s epic fantasy, which earned $3.66 million. The Chinese film is a homegrown favorite in the mainland, but on a very short list of Chinese-language films that screened in Hong Kong. After the first half of 2013, Hong Kong’s box office has sold over $98 million in tickets.