If you’re still vaguely offended by whatever it was Miley Cyrus was trying to accomplish with her VMA performance (if it was give your grandma a seizure, she was successful), please understand that MTV sometimes uses it’s powers for good instead of twerking evil. In fact, they are so dedicated to erasing your minds of Miley’s tongue-out performance that they are set to launch a documentary about the human trafficking epidemic in China. See? You’ve already forgotten about Miley Cyrus, haven’t you? In fact, Miley who?


han-gengThe documentary will be launched through MTV’s EXIT campaign and is hosted in Mandarin by Han Geng, one of China’s rising stars in the pop world. If you’re not one of his 35 billion Weibo followers, Han is a 29-year-old singer who started his career in South Korea with a popular group called Super Junior. He can be seen in China’s So Young and will be featured in the mostly Chinese cast of the upcoming Transformers 4 (I get a check from Paramount every time I mention that movie in a post).


Joining Han are actual victims of the human trafficking trade. Among the survivors are Xioa Xiang, a boy abducted for illegal adoption, Kyi Kyi, a woman from Myanmar forced into marriage, and Thien, a Vietnamese girl forced to be a sex worker. The documentary is roughly 36 minutes in length and is available to broadcasters without cost or rights restrictions.