Passover in Shanghai

9 Apr

Alright I’m missing it again and no cooking matzo ball soup and beef brisket for me. Ill be in Shanghai which is not exactly the place to celebrate passover but it could be worse. Shanghai actually has a very big history of connection to Jews. During the early days of WWII when Hitler was marching over Europe, China took in thousands of Jews when very few countries would. The formed what was known as the Shanghai Ghetto. Better a ghetto than a gas chamber. Even today you can find the temple in operation. Last year we got a ice surprise when a nice Jewish boy from Toronto opened a Jewish deli called TOCS. Good soup and the pastrami is home made and very respectable. He even found a place to bake rye bread to his specifications. Now of course its that Toronto style rye not NY rye but as they say beggars cant be choosers.


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