Larry Namer on Mad Men Of China

18 Feb

Larry Namer on Mad Men Of China from Ann Budnikova on Vimeo.

An entertainment industry veteran with over 38 years professional experience in cable television, live events and new media, Larry Namer is a founding partner of METAN Development Group, a new venture created to develop entertainment and media specifically for the Chinese marketplace. An accomplished entrepreneur, Mr. Namer is the co-founder of E! Entertainment Television, a company now valued at over $3.5 billion USD, and the creator of several successful companies in the United States and overseas. Among those companies are Comspan Communications that pioneered Western forms of entertainment in the former Soviet Union and Steeplechase Media that served as the primary consultant to Microsoft’s MiTV for developing interactive TV applications.

A cable industry pioneer, Mr. Namer began his career in 1971 at Time Incorporated Manhattan Cable, and served as Vice President and General Manager of Valley Cable Television (VCTV) in Los Angeles, the nation’s first 61-channel two-way cable system. His vision and direction garnered VCTV several Emmy and Cable ACE award nominations, as well as recognition by Forbes magazine as the national model for local cable television programming. In 1989, he was awarded the prestigious President’s Award from the National Cable Television Association.

In recent years, Mr. Namer has become recognized as one of the world’s leading experts on new technology and how it is fundamentally altering the business of international media and entertainment. Among the companies that have enlisted his expertise are Microsoft, Paul Allen’s Digeo, World Digital Media Group (a joint venture of Radio Shack), EchoStar, Sirius Radio network and Eurocinema, a VOD service featuring recent award-winning European films, now available in over 25 million homes in North America.

Apart from being in the very profitable region Mr Namer found China to be a very adventurous move. In this segment of the interview Mr. Namer shares his stories and the history of the METAN Development Group. We find out what programs they are creating and about their concept to bring western entertainment to China as well taking Chinese entertainment outside. We ask Mr Namer what he believes are the key factors for METAN’s survival in China. We also hear about his vision for future program development.


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