How American TV is Shaping China’s Media Landscape

2 Mar

By Gordon Chu | March 2, 2010

It’s no mystery that Western culture has infiltrated its way to the China market. Go down any of the many streets in Shanghai that are lined with little boutiques for women clothing, and don’t be surprised to see, “As seen on ‘Gossip Girl’” plastered across the store window. Also not surprising is anytime our program “Hello! Hollywood” has any mention of “Gossip Girl”, we get outstanding ratings and views on both television and online.

The fact Blake Lively and Ed Westwick (stars of ‘Gossip Girl’) are already household names in China without ever having a single program of ‘Gossip Girl’ on-air is a testament to just how much and to what degree American television has been pervasive in the China market. The reason why is the only way to see these two on-air is online where millions of the Chinese youth spend their time downloading and consuming much of their entertainment today. This underbelly of China’s media market is often overlooked and misunderstood; and has a significant role in how China’s market will evolve and continue to thrive.

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