Chinese youth watch half of their movies online

19 Nov

More and more content is becoming available and being streamed online…

According to the research done by China Film Copyright Association, Chinese youth watch movies primarily online. The young generation aged between 18 and 35 watch 50.5% of their movies through the Internet. The average amount of movies they watch online per year is 31.1, and the maximum amount is over 500.

Source: 08-01-2010, Hainan Daily

Chinese youth also have greater spending potential for the film industry. A survey conducted by AC Nielsen and Nielsen NRG revealed that Chinese Internet users also went to the movie theater every 6 or 7 weeks (7.5 times a year), a little bit more frequently than the U.S. movie audiences’ 6 times per year.

1000 internet users, between 16 and 34 years old, from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, responded to the on-line survey.

According to the survey, 40% of the respondents would make the decision on which movie to watch a week before they actually went to the movie theater. One reason was that the movie ticket price was still a little bit high for them. Secondly, those new movies’ DVDs were relatively cheaper and accessible as well. Therefore the audiences would do some homework before stepping into the movie theater, prepared to make their money worth while.

The survey also suggested that 50% of audiences went to the theater for a specific movie, 21% went for the big screen experiences, and 20% for date or other social purposes.

42% of the respondents expressed no preference between Chinese and Western movies. 71% thought Western movies were better produced. 48% considered that Chinese movies had better story lines.

Respondents’ preferences of movies also differed with their ages. 14% of the above-25 audiences preferred Chinese movies over their US counterparts. However, among those audiences equal to or younger than 25 years old, 25% liked Chinese movies better, 36% didn’t care how huge the Western movies’ investment was, and 31% thought that it was difficult for them to build a connection with Western movies.

Source: 08-31-2006

In an online discussion surveying how young people in China watch movies, the average response was: “For myself, watch online; for a date, go to the movie theater; for more than 3 people, buy a DVD.”



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