China’s Richest Man invests in Hollywood

11 Oct

Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, is doing everything in his power to incorporate Chinese traditions, worldviews, culture, and business practices into the Hollywood vocabulary. Fresh off purchasing a majority stake in Legendary Entertainment, the LA based film studio, Jianlin has decided to further invest in another studio, Sony Pictures Entertainment. The 61-year old billionaire has stated his ultimate goal is to purchase all of Hollywood’s “big-six” studios through “aggressive acquisitions.”

With hopes of featuring “the China Element” into a greater number of Hollywood big-budget studio productions, Jianlin readily signed a deal with Sony Pictures through his own company, The Dalian Wanda Group.

Sony Pictures Entertainment can expect expect a significantly larger distribution and promotion platform in China and the US, as Jianlin also owns AMC Cinemas, a global chain of movie theaters. For Jianlin and Wanda, it’s an additional boost of Chinese influence in the worldwide film and entertainment industry, as well as a direct deal between a major studio, marketing group, and retail cinema chain.

The agreement will have Chinese conglomerate The Dalian Wanda Group marketing Sony Pictures’ films and co-financing some of its upcoming movie releases in China. The partnership will also further forward Wang’s goal of making his company an international entertainment powerhouse.


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