China Youth Music Preferences

3 Nov

China Youth Music Preferences

In an ever-changing world, we’ve found some interesting information on young culture in China. Chinese youths are receptive to international influences and brands. Urban Chinese youth are generally receptive to international influences enjoying foreign movies, brands and other products from Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and the West.

Musical tastes are evolving to even include rock and hip hop. Rock music was always popular in China’s larger cities, but now hip-hop and R&B are growing in popularity as Western influences spread in China. In Shanghai, 37.1% of the young people among 15-25-year-olds prefer Rap/Hip-Hop. Western musicians such as Coldplay, Britney Spears, Linkin Park and Eminem were cited as favorites by Chinese youth, according to The Pearl Research.

Though foreign brands scored near the top in many survey categories, music is one area where they fell short. Asian, not Western, musicians are viewed as cool by this generation. Though language may play a factor in music selection, culturally, Chinese pop music is preferred to Western.
According to Liang Chen, the post 80’s generation loves Jay Chou and Hongkong/Taiwanese musicians; and the post 90’s generation has started to admire Korean/Japanese/Western musicians.

They are not willing to pay for the music or to purchase the CDs; most of them download music illegally online. What music device they choose is dependent on their family income. Youth that come from wealthier families use ipods and youth from lower-income families use cell phones as their method of playing music.

Some interesting facts:  (Music Matters Consumer Survey 2009, Synovate)
·        68% of Asian youth say music is very important part of their lives
·        Computer is the most popular device for them to listen to music
·        11% paid to download music online



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