China was a major worldwide B.O. contributor in 2016

18 Jan

According to Box Office Mojo, China’s movie market accounted for 13% of the $13.5B generated by the top 20 box office successes from US based studios. This is 300% it’s value of that in 2011. Many directly account China’s dismantling of the U.S. as the nation with the most Theatrical Cinema Screens in 2016 as the lead cause for these  financial successes.
Disney’s “Zootopia” brought in $236M revenue in China, ranking the 3rd highest grossing film worldwide in 2016. While Chinese authorities typically a lot a 30 day period in theaters for foreign releases, the film’s success was so massive it granted an extended 14-day period as a means to inflate the local economy. “WarCraft”, despite being considered a failure in the U.S. Box Office, earned a revenue of $221 in the Chinese Box Office, accounting for over half of it’s worldwide revenue. The Chinese Box Office is the sole contributor towards making WarCraft a top 20-earning Worldwide release in 2016. “Captain America: Civil War” was China’s 3rd biggest success, bringing in $190M domestically. Reuters analysts have stated the Chinese audiences are still captivated as ever by Disney’s Cinematic Marvel Universe film franchise.
While U.S. foreign blockbusters continue to succeed in China, China will try to balance it’s native audiences attention with the outputs of it’s own’s domestic film industry.
China, meanwhile, is trying to balance audiences’ interest in Hollywood films with its desire to grow its domestic film business. Despite yielding these aforementioned successes, “The Mermaid”, a domestic Chinese release, was still China’s most profitable film of the year, making it the highest grossing film of all time in China and the 12th largest box office success worldwide, with a revenue Chinese domestic revenue of $527M.


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