CHINA MEDIA REPORT – Quarterly Volume One (May – Sept. 2009)

20 Oct

October 20, 2009

Dear Valued Subscriber,

When we started the ‘China Media Report’ newsletter, our mission was simple – to share our thoughts and experiences in regards to business in China. We know first-hand the in-tricacies and the dynamics of working over there with all our different projects from television and films to online and live events. Simply put, we’ve learned a lot and wanted the best way to pass valuable information to others.

We launched our newsletter only several months ago and, today, we have a strong base of subscribers reading our weekly report. Some of you have agreed with what we have to say, some of you have not. My vision for the newsletter has never been only one direction, from us to you, but to make this a two-way street – i.e. we love your feedback and comments. I’ve always thought the best lessons are not from books and articles, but from experience and relationships.

With all the newsletters we’ve compiled together, we are sending to you our first quarterly volume of the ‘China Media Report’ as a way of thanking you in your interest in what we do. We encourage you to spread the word and forward to your peers and friends to sign-up for our newsletter or, at the very least, reach out for an introduction. We would love to hear from you.

Thank you for making “China Media Report” a success!


Gordon Chu
Vice President of Business Development


METAN Development Group (METAN) is a new media company created to develop and distribute entertainment content throughout China.

Founded by Larry Namer (co-founder of E! Entertainment) and Martin Pompadur (former Chairman of News Corp Europe), METAN produces, distributes, and markets premium content for broadcast and digital distribution.

With a staff of over 30 production, brand marketing and strategic planning professionals, we serve our clients globally from  offices in Los Angeles and Beijing.


Although China has recently opened its doors to the world’s business partners and strategic alliances, it remains one of the most difficult countries on the planet in which to conduct business successfully. Why?

Consumer tastes.
Business rules.
New business models

These are just a few of the obstacles that otherwise savvy and successful executives must face in getting to the world’s largest and fastest growing consumer marketplace.

METAN’s team of China consultants are experts in media, entertainment and new business development. We are experts in strategy, market planning and development, advertising, content creation / distribution and film, television and online production. With our offices both in the US and in China, METAN is helping businesses navigate the twists and turns of China’s market and regulatory environments.

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