Cameras Rolling on Cinema Collaborations

1 Sep

Golden Mountain will be produced by Los Angeles-based Metan Development Group, founded in February by US television veterans Larry Namer and Martin Pompadur, with Jean Zhang of San Francisco-based China business consultancy AmeriLink.

LOS ANGELES: The world has been struggling with a prolonged economic downturn, but in show business things are looking up, especially when it comes to film and television projects involving the United States and China

David Lee, whose Los Angeles-based firm Xinhua Media Entertainment is a leading company in packaging film projects involving China, has a deep background with both Chinese and American cultures, and sees a lot of parallels between them. The company has over a dozen projects in development, including facilitating the co-production of The Karate Kid, now shooting in China for a global audience.

“Having been on the Hollywood film side of things for over 10 years, it is just fascinating how innovative deals are now happening,” said Lee, managing director of XME, which has offices in Beijing. “But more importantly, business is booming because in the end, we have much more in commonbetween America and China than people think. The names, terminology and roles sound different, but really there are a lot more similarities.”

Raffaella De Laurentiis, a veteran Hollywood producer (The Forbidden Kingdom, Dune, Tai-Pan) has worked extensively in both America and China. “I want to do more movies in China because I think it is a fantastic country to work in that has a lot to offer.”

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