2010: My Predictions for China Advertising

22 Dec

By Gordon Chu | Tuesday, December 22, 2009

As my primary role in business development, I have my hands in a little bit in every division at METAN – from TV production and marketing to operations and digital. However, as my New Year’s resolution, I’m pledging to go back to the METAN basics to where our entire business model is rooted: brand advertising. This is our forte, our core competency, and certainly our bread and butter. This is also the biggest opportunity in the China market today.

I read that total measured advertising expenditures in the first half of 2009 fell nearly 14.3% versus a year ago (to $60.9B USD) in the United States. Compare that to China’s ad spend and you see an inverse of that figure of nearly growth of 12% in the first three quarters of 2009 (to $54B USD) according to the latest figures by CTR Market Research.

Hardly anyone will argue against the fact China is becoming the global hot spot for any global brands. With nearly all roads leading into China today, there’s no question paying close attention to the growing China market will be a critical step in any global brand’s strategy for expansion. However, the idea of advertising is vague. And statistics are just that – statistics. A more critical look into 2010 for the two platforms leading the way (television and online) will unveil a better idea of where the money is and where it’s going.

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